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Vegetable Elixir: Natural stimulant

posted by sutha sanjay
Vegetable Elixir: Natural stimulant

Natural remedies:

Try this Vegetable Elixir and come back to us with your opinions.
This refreshing elixir stimulates and cleanses the liver and gallbladder and promotes skin renewal.

•    2 carrots
•    1 cucumber
•    2 beetroots
•    Ginger 1 piece
1 Raddish
(Makes about 500 ml elixir mixture)

Peel the skin off all the above mentioned vegetables.
Grind them well using the juicer to extract juices.
Add a pinch of salt and sugar for taste.
Blend the extracted juice with an ice cube for about 20 seconds just before serving.
It is really an excellent and highly nutritious energetic drink.

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