Yummy Turmeric: Get to Know a Spice that Cleanses Arteries

Turmeric is a tropical South Asian perennial plant. It is the rhizome of the ginger-like Curcuma longa plant. In temperate climates, the leaves are used as a herb, but only the rhizome is used as a spice in Asia. Turmeric thrives on loamy soil with adequate drainage and requires very little fertilizer. It does not […]

Four effective home remedies for tooth ache

Honey and turmeric: Honey has been used for centuries to treat toothache. It works by reducing swelling and killing germs in the mouth. Turmeric has similar properties to honey. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of honey, then apply it directly onto your gumline at the affected tooth’s location. Hold it in […]