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Facial yoga for ageless skin

posted by Reka Thana

The aging appearance is an inevitable process by which the skin sags, wrinkles appear and lines appear under the eyes. Most often people resort to expensive products and procedures such as a facelift to regain their younger facial structure. But, you can also attain this youthful look by using the much cheaper yet effective method of facial yoga.

The face is an indicator of tension in the rest of your body. By learning to relax and tone some of the 57 muscles in the face you can smooth out of the tension-filled expressions – the same effect that botox has. Toning the muscles not only tightens and strengthens the facial muscles but also encourages the production of the protein collagen that keeps skin elastic giving it a healthy look.

This link shows 11 poses that you can use to target certain areas in resulting in an overall younger appearance

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